Special Angels: Gone But Never Forgotten

On Behalf of Angels Bridging Gaps & Our ABGworks Disabilities Village,

We would like to acknowledge a few of the Very Special Angels that have served to be an inspiration and have been a part of our very special village over the years. We thank you for being a beacon of light, a warm smile, a listening ear, and a supporting our vision to help educate and provide support to our local disabilities community. Gone But Never Forgotten...

Know that you are never alone, "It Takes A Village Filled With Love - Hope - Faith - Joy", and our village stands behind you as we weather the storms of life together. The storm never seems so bad when you have friends that understand standing at your side.

Michael A. Rentrope As we know Angels do exist and walk amongst us everyday. Our family has been very fortunate to have had a very special Angel be a part of helping us formulate this vision, my father, Michael A. Rentrope. In loving memory we would love to thank our devoted father, husband, friend and Papa for being such a wonderful inspiration and support. You will forever be missed. We love you Papa.


Anita E. Rentrope Our family was blessed enough to not have just one beautiful Angel in our mist but two, my mother Anita served to be an amazing village supporter for many years always offering a kind word or loving smile, helping to handout resource information or watching the children for village parents during meetings and outings, and always willing to take care of your grandchildren whenever we needed a break. In loving memory we would love to thank our devoted mother, wife, friend and Nana to so many for giving of yourself so freely and for teaching us what unconditional love and support look like. You loving spirit and tender motherly advise will never be replaced. We love you Nana.

Steven A.DeBatt "Stevie" as he was fondly called was a delightful young-man that we had the pleasure of getting to know through his participation in our Angels Bridging Gaps support group activities. In particular Stevie loved to do horseback riding and family bowling with us. He was always full of smiles and kind words - he was the informal team captain who kept us moving forward. His voice and delightful spirit will forever be imprinted in my heart saying "Never give up - let's go - you can do it". Stevie was an inspiration to all and will never be forgotten.